The Mayor of San Luis Obispo is…

Jan Howell Marx has been the Mayor of San Luis Obispo since 2010 and was re-elected in 2012. She was was reelected to the San Luis Obispo City Council with the highest number of votes in her 2008 campaign.

Jan Marx and her
Jan Marx and her Yorkshire terrier

Marx has earned multiple degrees, a B.A. from Stanford University, a J.D. from Santa Clara Law School, and a M.A. from Columbia University. She is a former Deputy District Attorney with extensive training in mediation and negotiation.

The small business owner has also taught business law at the Cal Poly, which wasn’t her only teaching job. She is former private high school and community college English Teacher, not to mention a former Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Housing at Stanford University.

Marx has lived in SLO since 1988, and is married to retired Cal Poly Professor Steven Marx. They have two grown children, four grandsons. She has stated that she loves to hike, travel, cook and read. She also owns a Yorkshire terrier.

Marx is currently running for her third term as Mayor of San Luis Obispo.

Check her out on Facebook.


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